crochet hat for doll

Hat size: 28cm
Crochet hook:3.00mm
Yarn:eco ANDARIA
 and marker

1: make a magic ring and sc5.   (5)
2: 2sc in each st.  (10) 
3: [ sc1, 2sc in next st]*5. (15) 
4: [ sc1, 2sc in next st, sc1]*5 (20)
5: [ sc3, 2sc in next st]*5. (25) 
6: [ sc1, 2sc in next st, sc3]*5. (30)
7: sc1 each st. (30)
8: [sc3, 2sc in next st, sc2]*5. (35)
9: [sc6, 2sc in next st]*5. (40)
10~13: sc in each st(40). 

14:sl st and 3ch, tr st in behind st,
      [skip next st, tr st in next st for skip     st, tr st in behind st( that is skip one)]*20  

15: sl st and 1ch, [sc4, 2sc in next st]*8 (48) 
16:  sl st and 1ch, [sc2, 2sc in next st, sc9]*4  (52) 
17:  sl st and 1ch, [sc9, 2sc in next st, sc3]*4 (56) 
18:  sl st and 1ch, [sc13, 2sc in next st]*4 (60)
19: sc1 in each st  (60)

check this video tutorial⇩


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